Whether or not you are offended, theres a lot of things being based on word of mouth, so have a (rough) transcript.

23.37- 25.09

(Lead into this is talking about if Geoff had the ability to see women naked)

Ryan: It doesnt do you any good anyway though, you just look at them naked

Gav: yeah

Geoff: Yeah but Ryan, come on, it does you everything good

Gavin: Ryan, we have literally steered our car off course on the way to work

Geoff: Do you know what Connect the Hots is Ryan?

Ryan: Uh, i’m not familiar with that game, no

Gavin: Tell him Geoff

Geoff: Alright, so Gavin and I have a rule, It doesnt work as well in our current house as it did in the old one, where if we’re driving to work, and we see a hot chick, we have to follow her, a at a very slow and deliberate and creepy pace

Ryan: huh

Geoff: Uh, until, uh, we see another hot girl. Or if we see another hot girl then we have to switch and follow that girl. And we keep this going until we run out of hot girls. Now since Gavin and I live pretty close to  the college, sometimes we can get distracted a good, I dunno Gavin, would you say like 20 minutes?

Gavin: Yeah, 25 minutes I think was the record

Geoff: Yeah

Gavin: Um..and sometimes, you know, theres false alarms

Geoff: Theres a lot of false alarms

*Ryan laughs*

Gavin: So uh, we’ll make a, we’ll go at an intersection, say work is to the left  and we, we go right to see if the girls hot. We’ve done a few back turns before

Geoff: Yeah there, Gavin likes to bring up the time I thought a dude was a chick and I was checkin them out

Gavin: Yeah, that was a time as well. There was a time where Geoff didnt believe me- we saw a woman walking away and uh, Geoff said ‘no, thats an old Asian lady with a bag’, and it turned out to be an actual hottie, so I bet you’re glad we took the 5 minutes out of our day to go check that one out Geoff.

Geoff: Yeah that was worth it

Gavin: it was pretty good

Geoff: yeah, for sure. Connect the Hots. Its probably the best game we’ve ever made. Thats why we sometimes get to work at like 8, and sometimes we get to work at 11. Its like it always depends on how many people are jogging.

Gavin: we always leave for work at the exact same time

26.00- 27.08

Ryan: well I don’t wanna make it too attractive or you guys will just spend the next hour following it around

Geoff: pretty fucking funny Ryan. I highly recommend that everyone play Connect the Hots though. Its a good way to start your day off right. And there, one thing I like to do , if if Gavins like ‘oh oh oh its a hot! Its a hot!’ I like to drive up really close up to ‘em and slam on the breaks and sit there with Gavin on the passenger side, while the girl is walking and having her look at him and hes trying not to make eye contact with her. And then when she gets ahead a little bit again and then we just zip off.

Ryan: nice

Geoff: I have made Gavin look like a really creepy paedophile on more than one occasion. Not paedophile!

Ryan: *wo-ho kinda noise, idk*

Geoff: thats another game we play

Gavin: Yeah, we went past a school once

Ryan: this game just took a little turn

Geoff: I have caught Gavin checking out questionably aged people a few times though

Gavin: uuhh, y’know..some uh (something about ‘cougars out there baby’?)

Geoff: I also like to drive by hot dudes running, and then honk on the horn and then slow and follow them at running speed while Gavins just going ‘just fucking drive! Just come on man! God, every ugh, oh hes lookin, hes lookin right at me!’

Gavin: yeah, it happens

Geoff: it does happen.

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